Bertus Aafjes

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Bertus Aafjes

Lambertus Jacobus Johannes Aafjes (May 12, 1914 - April 23, 1993), known as Bertus Aafjes, was a Dutch writer and poet who also published under the pseudonym "Jan Oranje."

His works include both fiction and poetry, and in his classic, traditional style he writes a walking trip to Rome (1946), with which it became more popular and that describes the trip he made to Rome in 1936, In the Beginning (1949 ), Odyssey (1965) and fiction, the last faun (1974, collection of stories). In his work excels an air of melancholy, which evokes death.

Monday Nov 4, 2013

Bertus Aafjes: Wishing luck after defeat

A man who wishes his opponent luck after a defeat, never loses face.