Jan Jacob Henneman


Jan Jacob Henneman

Jan Jacob Henneman (January 9th, 1927) If you would like to know more about Jan Jacob you can find more information about him on his website: Museum de Droomspiegel.

Thursday Jan 9, 2020

Jan Jacob Henneman: Let us strive to love ourselves

Let us strive to love ourselves without selfishness and narcissism. Replacing the self-feeling with the we-feeling.

Wednesday Jan 9, 2019

Jan Jacob Henneman: A society where love is dominating

A society where love is dominating,
will grow, blossom and cure.

Tuesday Jan 9, 2018

Jan Jacob Henneman: A great inner honesty

It requires a great inner honesty to want to hear what is good for everyone and everything. Our ego often plays tricks on us and is inclined not to hear what is unwelcome.

Monday Jan 9, 2017

Jan Jacob Henneman: Love

Love is the essence of life.

Friday Oct 7, 2016

Jan Jacob Henneman: Be patient

BE PATIENT, and confidently keep pace with the providence of the Universe.

Friday Sep 16, 2016

Jan Jacob Henneman: Spiritual poverty

Spiritual poverty along with great material riches is disastrous for people and society.

Wednesday Feb 24, 2016

Jan Jacob Henneman: Smile

A smile is the brightness of love

Saturday Jan 9, 2016

Jan Jacob Henneman: Love is given to us

Love is given to us from an inexhaustible source to let it wisely flow on to others.

Friday Dec 18, 2015

Jan Jacob Henneman: The Smile

A smile gives brightness to the day.

Thursday Oct 15, 2015

Jan Jacob Henneman: Smile to life

Smile to life and life smiles back.

Friday Jan 9, 2015

Jan Jacob Henneman: Blood and true love

What blood is for our body,
is true love for our soul.

Thursday Jan 9, 2014

Jan Jacob Henneman: Your Future

You should have a future and if you don't have one, you have to make one. I made my future until my 120th. They might call me earlier, that doesn't matter.