Joyce Whiteley Hawkes


Joyce Whiteley Hawkes

Joyce Hawkes, PhD, is a Fellow in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, with a long-standing career as a research cell biologist and biophysicist. After a near-death experience she embarked on an exploration of indigenous healing traditions and now teaches energy healing at the interface of science and spirit. Hawkes teaches nationally and internationally, and is the author of Cell-Level Healing: The Bridge from Soul to Cell, and Resonance: Nine Practices for Harmonious Health and Vitality. She has been a certified counselor and practicing healing facilitator for 30 years.

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Friday Jul 13, 2018

Joyce Whiteley Hawkes: Gratitude

Gratitude leads to devotion, resulting in compassion that flows naturally from the heart as profound healing.

Wednesday Oct 18, 2017

Joyce Whiteley Hawkes: The universe

The universe balances creation and destruction in an orderly and elegant manner.