Les Brown


Les Brown

Leslie C. "Les" Brown (born in Miami, FL, February 17, 1945) is a motivational speaker, former Ohio politician, popular author, radio DJ, and former host of The Les Brown Show. As a politician, he is a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives. As a motivational speaker, he uses the catch phrase, "It's possible," and teaches people to follow their dreams as he learned to do.

Friday Aug 14, 2020

Les Brown: Accept responsibility for your life

Accept responsibility for your life.

Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.

Wednesday May 1, 2019

Les Brown: Live your dreams

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.

Wednesday Jan 16, 2019

Les Brown: Smile

Your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people comfortable around you.

Friday Sep 7, 2018

Les Brown: People to align yourself with

Align yourself with people that you can learn from, people who want more out of life, people who are stretching and searching and seeking some higher ground in life.

Wednesday Apr 11, 2018

Les Brown: Your fear

When you face your fear, most of the time you will discover that it was not really such a big threat after all.

Monday Dec 16, 2013

Les Brown: Forgive yourself

Forgive yourself for your faults and your mistakes and move on.